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A Family Haggadah II (Paperback)


A Family Haggadah II (Paperback)

Features commentary and discussion questions for preteens through adult, and a full birkat hamazon (blessing after the meal).
ISBN: 978-0-7613-5211-2 (Paperback) 
A Helpful Note:
What is the difference between the text of “A Family Haggadah I” and “A Family Haggadah II”? 

A Family Haggadah I is aimed at families with younger children than A Family Haggadah II. This is evidenced in the level of and type of discussion questions and seder enhancements that appear on the left hand pages of the two editions. Both include the blessings and major parts of the seder in both Hebrew and English, and the telling of the Passover story in English only.

A Family Haggadah I includes a seder checklist. A Family Haggadah I includes more songs appropropriate  for young children, including Let My People Go, The Frog Song. A Family Haggadah I has short version of Birkat Hamazon. The ritual for Miriam’s Cup is also included.

A Family Haggadah II has more detail in telling of the Passover story. A Family Haggadah II has the complete Birkat Hamazon. The ritual for Miriam’s Cup is included.

The My Very Own Haggadah is a great supplement for children in addition to whatever Haggadah your family uses. It tells the story of Passover in a simple way and includes pictures to help young children understand. But, what is the greatest about this particular Haggadah is that it is actually a coloring book, a terrific way to occupy squirmy little people during a seder.
Author: Shoshana Silberman
Illustrator: Katherine Janus Kahn
Ages: 8-11
Grades: 3-5
  • 64 Pages
  • 6 x 9
  • Full-Color Illustrations
  • Reviews